Sunday, September 30, 2007

Something Else On The Menu

Recognizing the unhealthy rate at which I am consuming saltfish n' brewis, I figured I would try to mix things up a bit. For dinner, I now substitute with a little cod au gratin. Healthy right? It is from the same great people at Atlantic Gourmet who make the saltfish n' brewis dinners I have come to enjoy so much. This is what the cod au gratin meal looks like:

Albeit a little on the salty side, it is very tasty, has large chunks of cod, and costs less than $2.00 at the Dominon. It is Newfoundland's answer to Michelina's.

I should also mention that this past Friday I went out with a couple of friends from MUN to the Guv'nor Pub. For dinner I started off with their seafood chowder and then went for their moose burger. No beef filler - all moose. It was very tasty! I suppose the mushrooms, onions, and cheese helped a little. I figured the moose would be fresh, after all it is Newfoundland. It was a nice pub with great food at good prices. We agreed that we will certainly be back to throw down a few pints to celebrate the end of midterms.

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