Saturday, September 22, 2007

What's For Dinner?

Since the start of the fall semester, by diet has primarily consisted of cod, Quidi Vidi beer, cod, scallops, cod, fish cakes, and cod. Forget the pizza and hamburger chains. Did I mention cod? What about cod tongues? Yes, I think I am well on my way to eating the Grand Banks clean of its remaining cod stocks. Tongues and all. I guess that is to be expected when a land-locked Ontarian moves to Newfoundland!

To give everyone a quick taste of what constitutes as "study" food - Newfoundland style, I have posted a few pictures below. If it's a busy night and there is a lot of reading to do, I often microwave an Atlantic Gourmet saltfish n' brewis dinner. I like to think of it as the Newfoundland equivalent to the tv dinner. Only much better! If it's the weekend with a bit more time to spare, I indulge in a little honey brown from the local Quidi Vidi brewery. Very nice! Dinner has been known to include fresh pan fried scallops and a side of... saltfish n' bewis or pan fried cod. Dessert for me now consists of anything Purity brand. Cookies, biscuits, and the like. My favourite to date are the lemon cream biscuits. Why aren't these available in Ontario?

The MUN student staple of saltfish n' brewis.

A typical "the weekend could not have come sooner" celebratory dinner of fresh scallops and a side of saltfish n' brewis.

The honey brown from Quidi Vidi breweries helps to wash down the saltfish n' brewis.

I should also mention that since moving here, I have now been to Ches's for fish n' chips three times! The usual - two pieces of cod and instead of the chips I get a side of cod tongues. Is that wrong? That said, there are somethings that I have yet to try, like the seal flipper pie and Jigg's Dinner. So many things to try!

Another place that I like to frequent is Aunty Crae's down on Water Street. I went here a couple weeks back and picked up a light breakfast and something for an early lunch. Blueberry scones and coffee for breakfast, and a really thick and creamy cod chowder for lunch. This place came with high recommendations and it has yet to disappoint!

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