Sunday, July 27, 2008

Three Weeks And Counting!

Wow... I haven't blogged about anything in a month! That said, other than the parental visit, not much has been happening here that is blog worthy. The final semester is winding down, and with only three weeks left here at MUN, the job hunt is on. Hopefully there will be some good job related news over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, here are some pictures from when the family came to visit me here in Newfoundland this past June...

The Veiled Virgin, sculpted by Giovanni Strazza, depicts the bust of the Virgin Mary and is on display at the Roman Catholic Basilica in St. John's. Amazing how the veil and and the bust are made from the same marble!

Mom and dad at a fogged in Cape Spear.

Me in awe at Cape St. Mary's... for the second time.

Dad taking in the sights along the Skerwink Trail. An iceberg was spotted just on the other side of the bay as we made our way back inland.

Mom looking out towards the North Atlantic from Twillingate.

The family at Long Point Lighthouse in Twillingate... we even saw a whale from shore!

Iceberg sightings from shore near Twillingate. What was incredible is that we even heard it crack!