Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The City of Legends: Wednesday August 29th

While anxious to make our way to St. John's this morning, we did take a little time to enjoy breakfast at the inn and snap a few photos with Captain Dildo.

From Dildo we made the (now familiar) drive into St. John's. While we did enjoy the past couple of days exploring the smaller communities of the Avalon Peninsula, we must say that we were happy to be back in an urban setting. Once in St. John's, we made our way to MUN and the apartment so that we could unload the car.

With everything unloaded, we spent the remainder of the morning running all those errands around campus that would be so much more difficult and time consuming come the first day of classes and 20000 students! Finishing up in the early afternoon, we made our way downtown and checked into At Witt's Inn. This beautiful inn was just what was needed to help us enjoy our last few days together in St. John's. From the inn, we explored Duckworth and Water Streets (said to be the oldest commercial street in North America).

For lunch we treated ourselves to The Cellar. Tasty fish cakes, scallops, and jumbo shrimp! From there we explored the many streets with colourful "jelly bean" houses, as well as the Newman Wine Vaults, the St. John's waterfront, the Roman Catholic Basilica and Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, the Government House and Commissariat House. With all that we accomplished today, we decided that another treat was in order. So, we stopped in for a couple of scoops of home made ice cream at Moo Moo's Ice Cream. It was very good!

Exploring a city with so many hills left our feet and legs aching. Recovering back at the inn, we then prepared for a night out on the town. Later that afternoon we made our way to the top of Signal Hill and Cabot Tower. This was an incredible experience as the Atlantic Ocean lay to the left and the city of St. John's to the right.

While at Signal Hill, there are sign posts marking how far it is from St. John's to various destinations - sobering to see that the Titanic was only 584km offshore when it struck an iceberg and sank. From Signal Hill we made our way to The Rooms; a beautiful building housing a museum, art gallery, and archives. The building is perched on a hilltop and thus offers amazing views of downtown St. John's and the narrows. Best of all, admission is free at The Rooms on Wednesday nights!

From The Rooms we decided that our craving for fish n' chips had yet to be satisfied. So, we were off to try another very popular place, the Big R. Tasty! With a long day behind us, we made our way back to the inn for some much deserved rest.

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