Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I Am One Happy Egg!

Today FedEx delivered a care package from my lovely girlfriend. It was the first such package, but after only a month away, I was anxious to receive something to remind me of all things comfortable and familiar of home.

I would be lying if I said that I was not tracking the package from shipment to delivery. Within minutes of the package arriving at the MUN student services centre, I headed over to claim the box of goodness. The receptionist was surprised by the fact that I arrived within twenty minutes of the package being signed. Things move slowly here in Newfoundland, and so once a package arrives at the university, it is signed for by the receptionist, and then typically a card is placed in the student's mailbox to signal that a package has arrived and for the student to pick it up. This usually happens over the course of a two days and was clearly to slow for this Ontarian.

Nevertheless, I signed for the package and quickly returned to the apartment - walking very quickly, almost running with excitement. What happened next was documented by pictures so that you could see exactly what was in the care package and my reaction to each item.

The care package has arrived and I am very excited!

What the package looked like seconds before the packaging material is torn away.

Puzzled at first, but grateful upon second thought given how expensive orange juice is on the island. If that is 8 litres of orange juice, I'll take it!
Inside the box lay a treasure of Chinese goodness! It's like Chinese Christmas!

Rice paper to make Vietnamese wraps. Hopefully they have fresh mint at the Dominion. These will be for Thanksgiving dinner.

Hoisin sauce for the Vietnamese wraps. But wait a second, someone has used this hoisin sauce. The bottle is half full!?!

Kaya coconut spread for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! I can buy this downtown but it is triple the price in St. John's than in Ottawa.
Who does not like Hong Kong tea? You can never have too much, or enough varieties!
Among other things were mango jellies, curry pastes, and crackers. Maps of St. John's and a note completed the care package. Mh goi. Awl oy lei Lucia!


Anonymous said...

The used Hoisin sauce made me laugh so hard I almost peed!


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