Thursday, September 20, 2007

Our Last Day: Friday August 31st

This morning began at a much slower pace. We enjoyed breakfast at the inn and then made our way north towards Logy Bay, Outer Cove, Inner Cove, and Torbay. Very scenic! While in Logy Bay we payed a visit to the MUN Ocean Sciences Centre where they have touch tanks and aquariums with seals for the purpose of research. When we visited, several graduate students were conducting research on the ability of seals to see objects out of water. Interesting!

For lunch we stopped in at the Beach Cove Restaurant. Located across from the Bell Island/Portugal Cove ferry terminal, we enjoyed pan fried cod for lunch, and indulged in figgy duff for dessert. Finding ourselves with a few hours to spare that evening, we returned to St. John's to shop for souvenirs. Otherwise, it was early to bed as Lucia was to fly out of St. John's the following morning at 7:15am!

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