Saturday, October 27, 2007

Toutons and MUNscapes

Today ended what was a very busy week. I had a full day of classes and this evening I wanted to get out and enjoy the very nice fall weather we have been having these past few days. Located not too far from MUN down on Elizabeth Street, the roommates and I decided to walk over to the Guv'nor Inn Pub for dinner.

I ordered the pea soup with dumpling for an appetizer, moose sausages as the entrée, and toutons for dessert. The soup was good and the duff was great. The moose sausages were tasty. This was my first time trying the Newfoundland dessert staple - toutons (fried dough covered in molasses). Although I have no baseline with which to compare, these were mighty fine! I'd certainly order them again.

Mmm... tasty pea soup and dumpling. I prefer this version of pea soup over the French Canadian "Habitant" kind.

Moose sausages... the only disappointing part about this meal was that there were only three sausages. Fries. What can I say? It's a pub!

After all that eating, I decided to take a walk and while doing so I snapped a few night shots around MUN. Later on this evening we made our way downtown to George Street to take in a bit of Mardi Gras - Newfoundland style!

One of the residence buildings of Paton College at MUN.

The heart of MUN - the Queen Elizabeth II library (left), the clocktower, and the university centre (right).

I love MUNdays is a week long event at MUN that carries a theme each day: diversity, ingenuitiy, excellence, kindness, and community. It's a week packed with various events. See: for more information.

A full moon on a clear and crisp October evening. Perfect Hallowe'en weather!

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