Saturday, May 31, 2008

Out N' About These Past Few Days...

So spring has definitely arrived in St. John's! Last weekend I read on CBCNews that the van that followed Terry Fox on his cross-Canada marathon in 1980 was found, restored, and going to be on display at Bowring Park in St. John's! It turns out that the van is making its way across Canada in memory of Terry's run. At the park, the RNC were out with their riding horses, and Scotia Bank was hosting a BBQ. The coolest thing was that the Fox family was actually there and I got to meet Terry's mom, Betty Fox!

Here is Terry's van, restored, and ready to be driven east to west across Canada. See to find out when the van will be in your area.

Paths follow a series of waterfalls in Bowring Park.

Taking a break in Bowring Park.

In case the horses and dogs visiting Bowring Park are thirsty.

Swans in Bowring Park! Where were they during the winter months?

A nice spring day in Bowring Park.

In other news, today I made a day trip 80km outside of St. John's to the little town of Brigus. My motivation... seafood chowder and blueberry crisp at the Country Corner for lunch, and a hamburger and fries for dinner at E&E Drive-In. Supposedly, E&E Drive-In is said to be a Newfoundland greasy spoon institution and so that was enough for me to make the trek. Today was a really nice spring day. Following Route 60 along Conception Bay, you could see icebergs sticking out of the incredibly blue water... very cool! Picking up lunch at the Country Corner, I went down to the water to devour the most delicious seafood chowder and blueberry crisp I have ever eaten. Lucia and I had been here back in August, and knew at that point that I was going to have to make a return visit!

Here's a panoramic I snapped while stopped for lunch in Brigus.

I think it's the coolest thing to be able to have lunch while watching icebergs slowly drift by. Can you see the iceberg? Click on the picture to make it larger, then look to the left where the harbour opening meets the water.

Mmm... homemade blueberry crisp, with ice cream and blueberry sauce on top!

Since seafood chowder and blueberry crisp was not going to hold me over for the rest of the day, I decided to stop in to E&E Drive-In for a burger and fries. There are no chairs here and so you simply place an order (they have an excellent board menu from which to order), return to your car while they prepare your food, and then get waved back into the restaurant to pick-up your order. I ate the burger and fries later that evening after I returned to St. John's. Tasty!

A note about this video... I honestly thought the seagulls were going to fly into the car! Hence the girl-like scream!

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Lucia said...

Hey. I showed San and Sean the video of the seagulls and they laughed! Waiting for your next posting...