Saturday, May 24, 2008

Back In The Land Of Bergy Bits!

So after a quick reintroduction to life without honking motorbikes or street stalls, I made a quick visit up to Signal Hill last weekend to see some of the icebergs that have made their way past St. John's. This was my first time seeing an iceberg and while the fog that day made it difficult to see, there were actually two icebergs right off the coast. The experts are saying that this year should be a great year for iceberg watching!

From Signal Hill, looking out towards Fort Amherst, Cape Spear, and the icebergs.

A spring fog covers the city of St. John's.

Later on that week, the temperatures crawled into the mid-teens and so I took advantage of the nice weather and walked around Long Pond. Located just behind MUN, Long Pond is a nice one hour walk with many things to see. Here are a few highlights...

The beginning of the walking trail around Long Pond.

A sign marking "you are here" and listing all the things to see along the way.

Evidence that spring has sprung... hopefully.

Green grass and buds are starting to make an appearance while we look back across the pond and towards the Confederation Building (Newfoundland's version of Queen's Park).

A steep hill to climb...

... is made easier when there are steps!

The canoeists make a return appearance as we look across Long Pond towards MUN. In view is the Faculty of Business Administration building (gray) and the engineering and earth sciences buildings.

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Lucia said...

I love your comment about the return of the canoiest! Everything looks like it's ready for spring! Can't wait to see you in a couple of months!