Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Parents Are In Town!

It's been a couple of weeks since my last post and so I wanted to mention that tomorrow my parents and sister will be visiting me here in Newfoundland. This will be their first time to the province, so they are all very excited! I of course have an itinerary of activities planned for them, but what I am looking forward to is our overnight stay in Twillingate. I am planning on driving everyone up to Twillingate so that we can take in the sights... icebergs and all. This will be my first time to that part of the province and so it should fun. Stay tuned for updates on what happened during the parental visit.

Otherwise, my final semester here at MUN is halfway over. It's mid-semester break! To that, the weather has improved and we are now consistently experiencing +10C and above weather! Summertime in St. John's! While it's not the hot summer-like temperatures in Ottawa, there is no humidity and so that makes for an enjoyable day hiking around the city. Just the other day the roommates and I ventured out to the Narrows for a hike around Signal Hill. I snapped a few pictures just as the fog was starting to sweep in from the ocean...

Looking back towards the Battery which clings to the cliffs surrounding the harbour.

The hiking trail as it winds around and hugs the side of Signal Hill.

Time to put the jackets on as fog moves in and cools the air.

Fort Amherst as the fog rolls in.

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