Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Here Is The Proof...

MUN, the City of St. John's, and pretty much the rest of the province shut down early Monday evening in preparation for the coming winter storm. Supposedly, it was reported on the local news that people went grocery shopping yesterday to stock up on the essentials after hearing that this storm is to last well into Wednesday! The snow began falling Monday at around 3:00pm, and soon after, the winds became quite strong. Overnight there was a mix of snow and rain with ice pellets. This (Tuesday) morning, St. John's has been left with essentially a mixed bag of terrible weather that has resulted in the closure of everything non-essential across the region. MUN is closed until 3:00pm today... sounds like another snow day!

Last night, the roommates and I decided to venture outside and see just how bad it had gotten. Here are a few videos of what it looked like outside my apartment at Burtons Pond Monday evening:

Sigh... most of it had melted last week and we could see the grass!

Shenanigans in the snow.

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