Monday, November 5, 2007

St. John Sea Dogs Vs. St. John's Fog Devils

As promised, here are the highlights from the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League game myself and many other MUN students attended this past Saturday evening. A bus left MUN at 6:00pm and dropped us off at Mile One Centre. The puck was set to drop at 7:00pm. We thought that if there was enough time after the game, we would swing on over to Ches's for some Newfoundland sui yah... fish n' chips. However, it turned out that the bus was going to pick us up immediately after the end of the third period, and so we were back at MUN by 9:30pm without the fish n' chips. There was the option of heading over to George Street after the game. Believe it or not, I had a fair amount of work to do, so instead of hitting the bar, I hit the books and spent a few hours in front of the computer researching for a report!

As for the game...

The game was between the St. John Sea Dogs (from New Brunswick) and the St. John's Fog Devils (from Newfoundland). Not only did I not know the name of the hockey league (I had to Google QMJHL), it was quite easy to confuse the two teams. Not only that, I had some ethical dilemma as I did not know who to root for - the team from the mainland (being from Ontario and all) or the team from the city in which I currently live. I sat on the fence, but decided to cheer a little louder for St. John's. Regardless, a majority of the players were from Québec. The game was not bad, although St. John's (the team with the 's) was outdone. Few shots on net and a lack of momentum right from the start of the first period resulted in St. John winning 5 to 2. Here are a couple of pictures from the evening...

The very nice Mile One Centre.

St. John scored their first goal 15 seconds into the first period!

Everyone likes a good fight, though very traumatic for the younger fans seated in the first row.

Into the second period we already knew that St. John was going to win the game. At this point in the game we thought we might leave now in order to give us enough time to swing over to Ches's for fish n' chips. We passed on the idea knowing how long a walk Ches's is from Mile One Centre. That and it was pretty cold out Saturday night!

Watching the game with the roommates.

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